Strategic Advice for New Cannabusiness Owners in Maryland

Know Where You Are Headed

As Maryland’s medical marijuana program expands, entrepreneurs from all over the state will likely want to join this new industry. The Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission is hard at work determining how the new system will work. In the meantime, Maryland cannabusinesses can comply with the existing regulations and prepare for future changes. For help starting a cannabusiness of your own, consider enlisting the help of Michael S. Rothman. Mr. Rothman is an experienced medical marijuana lawyer in Rockville who has full knowledge of Maryland’s new law and is willing to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Our goal at Medical Cannabis Law Group is to set your new medical cannabusiness up for success through strategic counsel and future planning. Personalize and customize your new business with our team structuring your company in a way that foresees any future problems and works to ensure that they do not interfere with your productivity.

Potential Cannabusinesses

Those looking to get into the medical marijuana business will essentially have two options: opening a dispensary or cultivating marijuana. Whichever one you choose, Michael S. Rothman will gladly help you fill out the appropriate application.

  • Growers: Maryland is set to approve 15 legal growers within the first year, and possibly more afterward. Aspiring growers will undergo thorough background checks, and approved growers will be closely overseen be the state.
  • Dispensaries: Like other states with legal medical marijuana, Maryland will permit the distribution of marijuana to approved patients through highly regulated dispensaries. The Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission will likely begin granting licenses in 2015.

Cannabusiness Concerns

Because cannabusiness is still fairly new, there are a number of concerns that are unique to the medical marijuana industry. A skilled medical marijuana attorney can help you address all your concerns.

  • Formation: First, you must receive the proper licenses and create an effective structure for your business. You’ll need to think about location, supply, business model, and other aspects of business before you open your doors.
  • Partnerships: Good partnerships are vital for business success. Partnership agreements can be mutually beneficial to growers and dispensary owners.
  • State and Federal Regulations: Once the Maryland medical marijuana program is up and running, there will likely be several changes. By hiring a medical marijuana attorney, you’ll be better prepared to adapt to new state and federal regulations.

With our team, you can expect:

  • Competent professionals
  • Prompt, attentive advice
  • Honest counsel
  • Experienced and informative advisors
  • Thorough knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Step-by-step business formation guidance
  • And more

Rockville medical marijuana lawyer Michael S. Rothman has ample experience in the fields of cannabusiness and criminal law. Whether you’re interested in opening a dispensary or cultivating marijuana for medicinal use, Mr. Rothman can ensure that you comply with state and federal law. Mr. Rothman can even represent your interests in court should the need arise. Call the Medical Cannabis Law Group at (301) 251-9660 if you have any questions.

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