Can Medical Marijuana Help with Epilepsy?

Across the country, states have authorized medical marijuana prescriptions to patients suffering from debilitating conditions, including epilepsy, cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2014, Maryland passed legislation for marijuana legalization in Rockville and across the state. While researchers have focused their studies toward the effects of marijuana on adult patients, doctors are now prescribing medical marijuana to children with similar debilitating conditions.

As this CNN report illustrates, marijuana legalization has helped young patients suffering from catastrophic epilepsy. In particular, this video shares a father’s experience in administering a form of marijuana that doesn’t get his son high, but effectively treats his seizures. After switching from other medications to medical marijuana, this six-year-old patient was able to trade taking 22 pills per day to one a half marijuana pills per day. As a result, he is able to play, laugh and eat like other six-year-old boys.