• MD Cannabis Commission Warns Patients That Program Not Operating Yet


    While progress is being made, there is NO legal medical cannabis available to patients in Maryland. Please read the information below:

    • Pre-Awards for Grower, Processor and Dispensaries have been announced, however, no actual final licenses to grow, process or dispense medical cannabis have been issued. The pre-approved entities are currently working through Stage Two of the licensing process, which includes extensive background investigations and regulatory requirements.
    • This means there is no legal medical cannabis available to patients in the State of Maryland; written certifications for medical cannabis from physicians are not yet valid in the State of Maryland.
    • NO patient identification cards are being issued at this time. The only legal and valid ID cards will be issued by the Commission.
    • These cards can only be obtained through the Patient Registry, which will open during the first quarter of next year.
    • Patients must first register as a qualifying patient on this website when the Patient Registry opens during the first quarter of next year. The Patient Registry is not yet open.

    As a reminder, the process for obtaining legal medical cannabis, once available in the State, can be found here.

  • Mike Rothman Interviwed by NPR

    Attorney Mike Rothman was recently interviewed by NPR for a story about medical cannabis in Washington, DC.

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  • Initiative 71 and DC’s Marijuana Laws

    Last week, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser released several documents to help educate the public about DC’s Initiative 71 that legalizes posession of minimal amounts of marijuana for personal use.

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    • Initiative 71 Factsheet
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