• Check out Mike Rothman’s interview on Cannabis Radio News!

    In a segment on Cannabis Radio News , Mike Rothman joins other guests to discuss political advances for medical marijuana legalization.

  • Strategic Advice for New Cannabusiness Owners in Maryland

    medical marijuana dispensary Maryland Cannabusinesses in Maryland face challenges that are unique to this particular industry. The regulatory environment is rapidly changing , it may be difficult to secure capital, finding a location can prove challenging, and it can even be tricky to establish a commercial relationship with a bank. Prospective cannabusiness owners need the help of professionals who can offer personalized, expert advice and actionable solutions. This is why the Medical Cannabis Law Group is offering strategic advice for new cannabusiness owners in Maryland.

    Our experts offer strategic advice to help you not only launch your cannabusiness, but see it succeed through long-term planning and careful risk management. Our team has extensive knowledge of the still-evolving marijuana laws. We stay on top of the latest developments and pass on regulatory information directly to you. Not only do we provide step-by-step advice on forming your business; we also provide personalized consultations regarding national and state regulations, and violations and complaints.