• MD Cannabis Commission Warns Patients That Program Not Operating Yet


    While progress is being made, there is NO legal medical cannabis available to patients in Maryland. Please read the information below:

    • Pre-Awards for Grower, Processor and Dispensaries have been announced, however, no actual final licenses to grow, process or dispense medical cannabis have been issued. The pre-approved entities are currently working through Stage Two of the licensing process, which includes extensive background investigations and regulatory requirements.
    • This means there is no legal medical cannabis available to patients in the State of Maryland; written certifications for medical cannabis from physicians are not yet valid in the State of Maryland.
    • NO patient identification cards are being issued at this time. The only legal and valid ID cards will be issued by the Commission.
    • These cards can only be obtained through the Patient Registry, which will open during the first quarter of next year.
    • Patients must first register as a qualifying patient on this website when the Patient Registry opens during the first quarter of next year. The Patient Registry is not yet open.

    As a reminder, the process for obtaining legal medical cannabis, once available in the State, can be found here.