How to Comply with Cannabusiness Regulations

If you plan to open a Maryland cannabusiness, you’re likely excited to get your share of what is expected to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. However, for your cannabusiness to be successful—and legal—you must maintain strict adherence with all applicable regulations . Since marijuana laws are quickly evolving, it’s best to consult a medical marijuana lawyer regarding the latest regulations. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a medical marijuana lawyer can ensure that your business never runs afoul of state law.

The regulations for cannabusinesses are strict and apply to every aspect of the business, from obtaining the proper permits to devising a security plan to documenting the source of your capital. These regulations apply to four types of cannabusinesses in Maryland: Cultivators, safety compliance facilities (laboratories), retailers (dispensaries), and marijuana product manufacturers, such as those that produce marijuana-infused food items. Your lawyer can ensure that the type of business you plan to operate stays in compliance by submitting the appropriate application and renewal fees, prohibiting those under 21 from accessing your premises, and labeling your products correctly.

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