Examining the Issues Surrounding Cannabusiness Regulations in Maryland

In 2014, Maryland lawmakers voted to approve prescription of medical marijuana to certain patients. Currently, a Maryland commission is developing the logistics for licensing Maryland marijuana growers and dispensaries. In addition, the Maryland cannabusiness commission has drafted details of what growing and distributing medical marijuana will look like throughout the state.

The Maryland commission’s draft regulations address issues of prescribing medical marijuana to qualified patients, qualifications for people to grow marijuana, and prescription marijuana labeling requirements for dispensaries. Even though legalization of marijuana in Maryland has considerable support, people want to ensure that the state can successfully restrict access to minors. In the early days of Colorado’s medical marijuana legalization, security was a major issue for licensed marijuana facilities. Learning from other states’ experience in implementing medical marijuana laws, Maryland’s draft rules will require facilities to have security plans and to comply with training procedures and inspection schedules. Even though the commission detailing cannabusiness in Maryland is currently working on logistics, it is unclear when doctors, growers and dispensaries will begin receiving licenses.

Cannabusiness Regulations in Maryland