What Doctors Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

If you’re a practicing physician in Maryland, you may have had some patients ask you about medical cannabis and whether you can prescribe it. Since marijuana laws in Maryland are strict regarding which patients can legally use medicinal marijuana, the best way to protect yourself from liability is to consult attorneys who have experience with cannabis laws. If you would like to prescribe medical cannabis, you must first meet the eligibility requirements. You must be licensed to practice medicine in the state of Maryland and you must submit a proposal for each individual patient who wishes to receive medical cannabis.

The proposal you’ll send to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission must describe the patient’s qualifying medical condition. Qualifying medical conditions include chronic conditions that result in severe symptoms, such as seizures and significant pain. The proposal must also describe how medical cannabis could help the patient, how you plan to screen the patient for drug dependency, and what your plans are for follow-up care.

Medical Marijuana in Maryland