A Look at Maryland’s Marijuana Paraphernalia Bill

In the latest in a series of actions to advance marijuana legalization , Maryland lawmakers approved a bill regarding marijuana paraphernalia. This latest bill is a logical addition to last year’s law that decriminalized the possession of certain amounts of marijuana. Now, the possession of marijuana paraphernalia has also been decriminalized. Lawmakers noted that the bill was necessary to resolve a discrepancy; while marijuana possession is now considered a civil offense, paraphernalia possession was still a criminal offense. The approval of the bill by both the Senate and the House of Delegates is likely to be welcome news to those who seek to capitalize on the legalization of marijuana in Rockville by developing a marijuana business. In fact, prospective cannabusiness owners may wish to consult an attorney at law to determine how the bill might affect them.

In addition to decriminalizing the possession of marijuana paraphernalia, the bill fixes another flaw in last year’s bill. It establishes a maximum civil fine of $500 for those who are found to have used marijuana in a public place. In related news, another bill is making its way through the Maryland legislature. This bill would clarify the possession of small amounts of marijuana and it would establish penalties for using marijuana while driving.

Marijuana Legalization in Maryland